That “Yellow” Flabby Bird (Run of The 8Bit Hamster and Angry Fire) App Game

flabby bird run app game

That “Yellow” Flabby Bird is now available on the App Store:

Finally, Flabby Bird is on the iPhone and here is your free download! (

Help Flabby stay alive as long as possible in this addictive jump mini-game.

You revolve around a hamster (running on his circle thingie) while an Angry Fire chases you.

Tap to jump is all you need, simple & sweet. Start out slow and easy, and feel your adrenaline spiking as the Angry Fire’s speed increases in time.

Early warning: don’t get fooled by this game’s simplicity. It can be pretty heartbreaking :)

So, are you ready for the challenge?
How far can you take Flabby before you break?

Play now!

Cool New Features:

* Super simple controls
* Surprising difficulty (would you believe, everybody dies?)
* Catchy music (on/off)
* Sweet background art changes
* Meet 11 guest characters as you progress
* Ideal “challenge or dare” mini-game for friends and family – see who can score more (or least, this guy throws the garbage bag next)
* Max possible score still unknown

Download and play now before “Flabby Bird” turns into a paid app!

Please rate – enjoy!

P.S. Personal Message from the Maker

Dear Friend,

Hi! My name is Dex and I’d like to thank you for trying the Flabby Bird experience out.

You see, this game is one of those “big things that’s not acually so big” that comes in a dude’s life. The reason

I’m telling you this is because I’m not really a game developer or programmer. I’m just a regular guy working odd jobs here and there, taking care of my 7mos old daughter.

Funny thing is, I never thought making a game of my own was even possible – until I heard the news the smash hit game “FLAPPY BIRD” (not related nor endorsed) was being taken out of the appstore by its creator D.N.

That night, the silly idea of creating a game of my own just came out of the blue… and off to Youtube I went. I typed “how to make a game” and my silly game making misadventure started. 14 days passed and I was able to submit the game for review in the App Store (I think it’s possible in 1-3 if you know what you’re doing lol).

D.N was the inspiration really. The reason why I had the guts to try game making in the first place. “Even simple games can make people smile (or rage lol) and spark conversations among friends and family members” – this is the lesson I learned by looking at his game.

AND THAT’S WHAT I GUESS FLABBY BIRD IS ALL ABOUT. Just a fun, simple quick game you could play with your peeps over barbecue, or maybe beer; at home, a bar, school or the office. Surely not by any chance the best game, nor the most polished, but just a special remembrance to a journey. My first game ever and I invite you to become a part of it:)

Well, this is it for now I guess. I hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed making this game.

See you at and let me know if you have ideas – I surely want to grow. Thanks and let’s start playing Flabby Bird. Go get the records! :)

> Available for iPhone and iPad
> Now on open BETA
> We moved fan page address, from (wrong) to (correct)